Mr. John Maxwell

Dept. of Aging & Disability Svcs (DADS)

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Dept. of Aging & Disability Svcs (DADS)


Don't be thrown by the name "John" Maxwell. I was named John Daniel at birth and called Danny as I grew up. I have been "Dan" since college. When I grow up, I expect to be called Daniel :)

I landed my 1st State job right out of high school when I went to work in the print shop at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, in Dallas. I worked there for three summers while attending college in the fall and spring. I studied at Stephen F. Austin State College - and was in attendance when it became a full-fledged State University.

After graduation from SFA, I continued my State employment with the university for a couple of years, managing their radio and television production facilities.

I went to work at the Lufkin State School (later renamed Lufkin SSLC) doing documentary video and photography in 1976. I was there until retirement as Media Services Director in 2010.